IASP anuncia que su Asamblea General se celebrará virtualmente el 21 de septiembre


As you are aware, we have postponed the IASP World Congress on Pain to June 2021 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In accordance with the IASP bylaws, a General Assembly of members is typically held during the IASP World Congress. Per the IASP bylaws, the General Assembly shall be held at such a time and place as fixed by the Council. In light of the postponement of the 2020 Congress, this year’s General Assembly will take place virtually 21 September 2020 at 10 am ET US.
The intent of the General Assembly is to provide the IASP membership with pertinent information from the previous two years and an outlook of the upcoming years, as well as to recognize the achievements and contributions of outgoing Council members and introduce new Councilors. The membership also votes to ratify any new Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Chapters, and Federations and approve amendments to the IASP bylaws.
We are pleased to announce that the Council approved three new SIGs: Itch, Pain Registries, and Pain and Intellectual Developmental Disabilities; two Federations: Association of South-East Asian Pain Societies (ASEAPS) and South Asian Regional Pain Society (SARPS); and one Chapter: Society of Haitian Training and Management of Pain (Societe Haitienne de Formation et de Prise en Charge de la Douleur – SOHAD).
With full approval from the IASP Executive Committee, the IASP Membership and Chapters Committee is recommending an amendment to section 3.01 Member Types (classes) of the IASP bylaws. The committee is proposing amending the trainee class to «trainee/student.» If approved by the IASP membership, all sections in the IASP bylaws referencing trainee will be amended to trainee/student.
Voting on these matters will be conducted via an electronic ballot. The voting portal be open 17-31 August 2020. More details on the General Assembly and voting procedures will be sent in the coming weeks.